YouTube’s hilarious cat videos could soon cost you $5 a month

YouTube is reportedly “experimenting” with the idea of charging people to watch some of the videos on its website.

Google, which operates the vast library of funny cat footage, has asked 25 or so producers to put forward applications to create channels of videos that would cost viewers $1 to $5 a month to access. This is according to Advertising Age, which cited multiple people familiar with the dealings.

The same report added that YouTube execs are also mulling over applying what in effect would be pay-per-view fees for live events, content libraries, self-help or financial advice programmes served up by the website.

A Google spokesman told the magazine:

We have long maintained that different content requires different types of payment models.

The important thing is that, regardless of the model, our creators succeed on the platform. There are a lot of our content creators that think they would benefit from subscriptions, so we’re looking at that.

YouTube could start charging for such content as soon as this spring, apparently, and is likely to split the subscription revenues 45-55 favouring the filmmakers – this is similar to how money from advertising on free-to-watch videos is divvied up between the web giant and its content-uploading users.

Has fetlife popped its bubble?

Launched in 2008, fetlife describes itself as a community of kinksters by kinksters. By the end of 2012, the member count was over 1,700,000 users. Fuelled by those into the scene, those curious, and those that have read the 50 Shades trilogy. It certainly seems to be the place to be… or is it?

Claims about lack of safety and bullying on the network are rife. There are countless stories to be told. Moderators are known to have breached users privacy by sharing private email addresses of popular female members at fetlife gatherings. Some of this information was used to locate a person’s home.

Another occasion, a young lady in Belfast took to fetlife to share an unpleasant experience she had. She told how she had been assaulted on a night out. Instead of words of kindness from her ‘community’, she was told by fellow members that it was all her fault because she ‘smiled’. Read more of this story here:

If you’re new to the scene, you’re out of luck.
Other fine tales tell of younger folk with a genuine interest. When they join groups with the aim to learn more and further themselves they get told they are sluts, that they should not be on the site. On one occasion, a young looking girl was banned from the site within an hour of posting an introduction which then recieved in comments that belong in the domain of pedophilia. Instead of banning the commenters, the girl herself was banned.

Fetlife claims that their community is safe. However, this claim is false. In reality, no social network is safe. Most social networks take action based on cyber bullies whom are often banned. But, not on fetlife. Speak out about about the way you or others are treated and you will soon find yourself in trouble.
On Christmas day 2012 a frustrated fetlife user posted this open letter on fetlifes facebook wall:

All I want is peace, safety and the ability to trust you when I’m being a victim of Cyberbullying.

I don’t want enemies, I don’t want wannabe Kinksters and I definitely don’t fucking want psychotic serial killers running around on your website, making me feel unsafe about having a awesome and fun SSC kinky lifestyle that was supposed to promise awesome adventures in KinkLand…

Instead it’s become a breeding grounds of sorts for psychopathic predators.

John Baku, you are not fit to run FetLife if you continue to let Cyberbullying go on longer and you let it all go too far and it rots in Internet Hell.

So I started this:

You’re finished. Expect a subpoena soon.

Amy Draconian Lovecraft (Known as MurderedLove on FetLife)


Amy then followed this up with the following announcement the very next day:
‘I’m leaving today! Yay! I’ll be a proud member of CollarMe, Homemade BDSM, SlaveRegister, and BDSMFriendBook effective immediately today since FetLife’s just a baby wannabe Kinkster website who doesn’t care about real BDSM. If you wish to add me on my new profiles, hit me up. No more drama from the wannabe Kinksters, no more Cyberbullying torment from predatory assholes, no more serial killers, no more flakes who is obviously vanilla folks and no more bullshit! Yay!’
As of today, (28th Jan 2013) Fetlife have not commented on the facebook posts, yet suprisingly, they haven’t removed them either.
Amy isn’t the first to make such comments, others are leaving in droves. Fetlife’s community is no longer a kink one, the real kinksters are leaving for other alternatives. They are fearful of being tarnished by these countless tales. If fetlife doesnt change its ways soon, its bubble is going to pop.


What are the alternatives?
Amy mentioned the following “CollarMe, Homemade BDSM, SlaveRegister, and BDSMFriendBook” However, Amy missed another: (now rebranded as bdsmspace)

Maybe Amy hasn’t heard of it. Not suprising because kinkpeeps is probably one of the internets bestkept secrets. They have a very strict anti-bullying, anti-trolling policy. It also has a more social network feel to it and perhaps more feature-rich.

Edit: Since the original publication, fetlife claim to be investigating and clearing up the problems with greeters, pedophiliac comments and several other issues. It appears they are trying to correct some wrongs, but have they shot themselves in the openly admitting to allowing some pedophilia content? Not wanting to be tainted, I myself have removed my profile from the site and joined one of the newer up-comming sites.

Edit: Updated for clarity.

If you have had negative experiences with fetlife, or if you have another tale to tell, drop them in the comments below.

Update: We have been consistently getting reports that we said that, and we quote “Fetlife is sending people out to rape women”. To clear this up, I would like to state here and now that we never, ever, at any point stated nor implied this. That comment solely belongs to the person(s) who have been writing articles on other blogs and websites. Please direct all such comments to them sites.

The purpose of this article is to highlight problems that existed at the time of writing. No website or social network is immune and you should exercise caution when signing up, such as creating an email address specifically for a website and keeping it separate from your eBay, PayPal and Amazon and other accounts that may hold your personal name and home address.

How Stepchange can help get you out of debt

I recently discovered a charity called stepchange through a friend. She was in serious financial difficulty after loosing her job.
Like many people she was in debt with constant phone calls and letters from banks, kept missing payments which caused various other charges to be applied on top.
It was impossible for her to match the charges, let alone repayments. Something had to be done and she received valuable advice from Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert after sending a direct message to him on their forums.
He pointed her in the direction of (formerly consumer credit counceling service – CCCS) and thanks to them, she has managed to reduce her debts considerably and will be soon debt free.

The charity does an amazing job. If you are struggling to meet repayments, it is well worth a visit, the site offers great advice on dealing with banks, how to deal with threats and the debt collectors.

However, their main task is helping you sort your debts out. They will help you work out how much money you have coming each week, how much you spend on essentials such as bills etc, and then draw up an action plan based on what you tell them. Once this is done, they will break down your debts in order of importance.
You will then be told an amount you can afford to repay each month, this is usually negiotiable if you feel it is too much to part with.

Once you have an agreed amount, stepchange will write to all your creditors on your behalf and make them an offer. Almost all creditors will accept reduced payments and freeze any interest and charges as long as you keep to your scheduled repayments.

You pay a lump sum to stepchange each month, and they divide it up and send it out on your behalf.

Beware of other debt management companies who claim to do the same thing, you have to pay them a rather hefty fee and they do exactly the same as stepchange, except most of your money goes to the company managing your debt to line their profits.

Stepchange is a leading charity and is recommended by all the major banks and financial institution.

If you’re curious, want advice or interested in managing your debts, visit their comprehensive yet easy to understand website at

A miscarriage of life


Well today, one of my dear friends wrote this. I think life treats some people in a bad way, beyond what most of us could ever imagine. I’m sure she would not mind me sharing this, besides, I’m not going to identify her. She knows who she is…. My love and thoughts are with you

Ok, here it is. Here’s the big time post. Ready???

As many of you know.. i was 4 months pregnant.
Technically.. I still am. Until 10:10am tomorrow.
Yesterday, I lost my baby.

They said it was “natural causes”. A genetic fuck-up that happens when the baby is created. Apparently, it happens very often, so I know I’m not alone in this.

The worst part is how I feel. I was so happy. So excited. Andnow… I’m empty. I can actually FEEL that the light has gone out of my eyes. I feel beaten down and broken. And, for that reason…
I am also leaving my Sir.

The past couple of months have gradually opened my eyes to the fact that he is not what I need. He is not what I DESERVE. I loved him. I still do. I was devoted to him. I was his.

Well… not anymore. I need to stop letting him drag me down to his level, and work my way back up to having a life that I need, want, and deserve. I deserve someone to care about me. To put me first above all things. Someone whos not going to take his friend to the store cuz he needs a ride to get cigarettes, and make your fiance, who is bleeding from pregnancy complications, call her parents to take her to the doctor.

Having a miscarriage is FUCKED UP!!!!!! The worst part is the WAITING. The waiting to have it… gone. Most times, your body will reject the pregnancy on its own, and you will pass the baby naturally. They say mine isn’t going to come out on it’s own, and to wait could take WEEKS. I go tomorrow for a procedure to… clean out my body.

That’s the worst part of it all… having my baby still inside me, but knowing that it’s not alive. To have seen that ultrasound yesterday, and not see a heartbeat just a few days after seeing my baby alive, and moving around, and having a strong, healthy heartbeat… fuck, man. It HURTS. Everything hurts.

I have no clue what I’m thinking. I feel numb. I have a numb feeling, and I am surprisingly calm. I don’t remember a time when I ever felt this calm. Its like… Im just… here. But, inside, I want to scream and yell and break things. The calmness is unnerving. I’m attributing it to shock. I think I’m actually experiencing some of the symptoms of shock.

All of that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I am going to make it through this. One step at a time. I deserve a good life. A happy life. Where I am loved the way a woman deserves to be loved by a man. Vernon just wasn’t the right man.

I am currently back at my parents’ house to get away from the horrible situation at home. My parents, of course, are thrilled to have me back, and they want me to stay. I think I will for a while. They say they feel better knowing where I am, and that I’m OK. Honestly, I feel better being here too, cuz I can look after them, whether they know it or not. 😉

I have the best family in the world. I couldn’t ask for a better Mom and Dad. They make me want to be like them. I want to have a good life, and be able to give my children a good life. I want my kids to grow up like I did. Happy, carefree, loved. Not a want in the world. So, I’ll take this opportunity to start saving money again. Recover from my miscarriage. Relax. Pull myself back together by using the love and support of my family and friends as glue.

I’m rambling now, I think. But… like I said in my status. Please be patient if I don’t get back to you in a timely manner. I have a lot going on, and it is still really hard to talk about.

Just know this:
I love you all.

I am GLAD I have people like you in my life who actually care. I know some of you have even gone through this same thing, and I am thankful for your advice and support, because I have NO IDEA what I’m doing, or how to fix this, and not feeling so alone is a huge help.

Thank you all in advance for the messages, posts, love, and condolences I know I’ll be getting, as well.

I’ll be OK. One step at a time…
One.. step.. at.. a… time.