Richard Matheson: He is Legend

Obituary Acclaimed science fiction and horror writer Richard Matheson, who will perhaps be best remembered for his novel I Am Legend, has died at the age of 87.

Matheson was also the man behind some of the classic Twilight Zone television episodes, including 1963’s Nightmare at 20,000 Feet starring a fresh-faced William Shatner.

Tributes for the author flooded in immediately after his daughter announced on Facebook that the scribe had died.

TV actor Mark Gatiss, who has penned a number of Doctor Who episodes in recent years, said on Twitter: “RIP the great Richard Matheson. He is Legend.”

While Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright said: “If it’s true that the great Richard Matheson has passed away, 140 characters can’t begin [to] cover what he has given the sci fi & horror genre.”

Matheson was set to be given the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films’ visionary Saturn Award on Wednesday in Los Angeles. That honour will now become a posthumous award.

The academy described the writer behind classics that included The Incredible Shrinking Man and Duel, which gave Steven Spielberg his break into Hollywood, as a “singular voice in fiction, whose prolific written work is as unforgettable as the television and filmed entertainment it has inspired for more than half a century.”

Many credit Matheson as “the father of the zombie apocalypse”, whose vision was said to have hugely influenced George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead – a movie whose characters famously never once muttered the word “zombie”.

Horror author Stephen King – who dedicated his apocalyptic 2006 novel Cell to the iconic writer – once said that, without Matheson, “I wouldn’t be around.”

“He is as much my father as Bessie Smith was Elvis Presley’s mother. He came when he was needed, and these stories hold all their original hypnotic appeal.”

Matheson, who was born in Allendale, New Jersey in 1926, is survived by his wife Ruth and four children.

Insomnia? Brain overthinking when you try to sleep? Read on….

If you suffer from insomnia then read on. A new craze has taken the internet by storm after a sufferer posted her cure which she had discovered completely by accident. Twenty-nine year old Jessica Jones had described on an internet forum how she got trapped for 4 hours in a small storage cupboard whilst at work before being discovered by a collegue whos shift had just started.

When Jessica went to bed that night she fell asleep immediately. “It was the best sleep I had in months!” said Jessica. She went on to describe how being trapped allowed her mind to work through her thoughts, the same ones that keep her awake at night.

“simply put, I was stuck with nothing to do until I was rescued. Suddenly I had all this time to myself, and my mind started to wander, just as it does when I try to get off to sleep. I never gave myself any time because I was always finding things to do, but that night was amazing, my brain had already done what it needed to do earlier in the day.”

Jessica went on to describe how she struggled to carry on doing her newly discovered therapy during the day. “I tried to give myself time but it never worked. I would always think of something that needed doing. I then had an idea to clear out the spare room and ask a friend who installs security locks to put one on the door. It’s got a timer which prevents it being opened from the inside until the time has run out. Effectively I imprisson myself! It works and now I never have a bad night!”

After posting her story hundreds of people started comming up with their own solutions, including handcuffing themselves to immobile objects. Others ask their partners or friends to tie them up and leave them for a certain amount of time.

“People started accusing me of being a sex crazed kinky nympho who was into bondage. They were calling me by all sorts of names and I had even received threats. It’s nothing to do with sex, and it’s nothing to do with being kinky. There are similarities however, and I discovered what I was doing was called self-bondage. I’m not a fan of the word because it seems somewhat dark or dirty, but whatever it’s called, it works!”

Since posting her comments over a year ago, thousands of people have been getting in touch and she now has plans for a website for people to meet and discuss their own ideas.

We will of course update this article as soon as we get the website details from Jessica herself.