Sony PlayStation Network PS4 MTU Settings WARNING

Cybergroups have targeted Sony’s Playstation Network with a DDOS and bringing the network to its knees causing misery for gamers over the Christmas period. Slowly the network has begun to recover, but there are still issues for which we bring you a fix: If you’re still unable to connect to the PlayStation Network with your PS4 we have a solution. First and foremost, try resetting your system and then try to connect, it might take a few attempts but be patient. If your PSN still isn’t working try this: Go to Settings > Network > Settings > Network > Setup Connection > Manually > Wifi or LAN. Once you reach the MTU Settings, change it to 1473 manually. If it still doesn’t work, try resetting a couple of times more. Once the service has been restored, make sure you change the MTU back to the default 1500 to ensure your connection runs smoothly. WARNING: Do not attempt to change any proxy settings, as other ‘news’ outlets have suggested. These do nothing but add to congestion, and possibly capture your communications (and passing on account details to cyber criminals). You’re welcome

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