Chastity cages


Its been a long time since I have been well enough to make a post here. Sorry for the lack of postings – but my health is top of my priorities

As some of you may have guessed from previous postings, I do have a curiosity when it comes to all things kink. I generally don’t practice it full time, but I have been trying to keep my partner locked up. Locked up and failing. So far, every chastity single chastity device we have tried he has been able to pull out!!

I am going to give a quick lowdown on what we have tried so far, so you can avoid them!

First up is Fetish Fantasy Extreme Chastity Belt and Cock Cage from lovehoney available here:

“Experience complete control with an extreme steel chastity belt. Completely inflexible, this curved cock cage is designed to prevent erections while the 3.5 inch length limits growth, stopping physical excitement immediately. Adjustable and lockable.” reads the description. No mention of security. Firstly, the strap needs to be removed to be in with the chance of fitting this on. My partner describes this as the one of the most comfortable he has worn, and only mildly uncomfortable while erect. That’s right, it doesn’t prevent errections, especially if your testicles are low enough to allow plenty of movement. Unfortunately, if the testicles allow movement, you’re going to be able to slip out of this pretty easily. The only thing that is going for this is that it the balls cannot slip between the cage and the ring and thus cannot be removed without the key.

Next up is the Impound Gladiator Male Chastity Device

This is one to avoid! It comes with three differently sized rings. They are described by my partner as the worst design he has ever seen. The hinge is painful with the silicone padding, and just as painful without. The smallest ring is unwearable and causes excruciating pain after just a few minutes. We suspect it is to do with the actual thickness of the ring rather than the size itself. It is quite substantial! The middle size ring is slightly better, but is escapable, and the largest ring has no chance of being secure! This thing is described by lovehoney as impossible to escape from. We have proved different – the angles are so bad that the testicles can easily escape end the entire device is removable. My partner was in a bit of pain due to the sharp edges on the device. Keep away from this one!


Next up is something called The Vice available on amazon via uberkinky / locked in lust

We have seen reviews on the internet about this being a highly secure device with a great anti-pullout mechanism – brilliant (or so we thought). It arrives in a little pouch with what seem like a million bits. There are instructions but it is probably worth watching some youtube videos for it to make sense. You have to match up some of the parts with the tiniest of lettering – you’ll probably need to get a good magnifying glass even if your eyesight is perfect! The size of the cage is rather large, don’t expect this to stop errections. At his softest, my partners penis barely came halfway up the cage. It comes with a selection of 4 ring sizes, the smallest being too tight and the medium being the closest to a perfect fit. The ring looks as though it should be comfortable, but again the hinge lets it down and digs into the ballsack. There are 3 anti-pullout clamp devices, with a special ‘texture’. This is texture is nothing more than a miniscule amount of frosted plastic which is supposed to bond or stick to the skin to prevent it being pulled out. Even after the recommended 2 days of waiting, my partner was able to pull out with no problem at all. This was using the middle size clamp. The smaller clamp appears to be a bit dangerous, it dug into the penis and actually cut through the skin after he got an errection – keep well away from the small one. Not only was he able to pull out, but with a bit of work, and a small queeze he was able to free himself from the entire contraption.

We hope to have some videos very soon to show these inefficiencies more clearly. If you have a product that you would like us to try out please let us know and we will add a honest review as soon as we can =)