now allows pornographic pictures, apparently (NSFW)

So, today I was browsing through DA and found a gallery who’s owner seems to have had a penchant of posting pictures of ladies bending over, so that their buttholes are wide open and other parts are on display.

Nudity has always been allowed on DA, and rightly so. Since the beginning of time people have been drawing pictures of nude men and ladies, making statues and when the camera was invented, nudity was at the top of the list.

Alongside nudity, there is something called pornography. Nudity in itself isn’t classed as porn, but porn usually involves nudity of some description and is intended on giving people sexual arousal. It is porn that is banned from DA, fortunately DA provides its users with a reporting tool.

Having used this tool to report a pornographic picture, I was presented with the following:

deviant art allows porn

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen you read that correctly. DA does not consider this artistic masterpiece to be porn! Incidentally, theres 1000’s of pictures similar to this one!

Whilst DA has a ‘mature content’ filter, by our reckoning, there should also be a ‘porn’ filter.

Despite DA being turned into a porn gallery, we reckon there are much better places to visit should you want a community which you can ‘get off’ to.

Try these social networks: or a more fetish-orientated

For some artistic nudity (non-porn) on DA, try this: