Thakker Technologies – why you should be careful buying from developers listed in the Joomla Extention Directory (JED)

‘Dave’ (name changed) has been in touch regarding problems using a Joomla! extention he had purchased from a company called Thakker Technologies.

Dave saw the product listed on the Joomla Extention Directory (JED). The directory is a part of the official website and lists just about every single addon that was ever made for the Joomla CMS.

Unfortunately, Joomla do not seem to carry out stringent checks and appear to allow anyone to list a product which links to the developer’s own website. In this case, the website belongs to a young lady by the name of Sneha Thakker, who names her outfit as ‘Thakker Technologies’.

On May 14th Dave purchased a Joomla extention after seeing it on the JED website. Dave visited Thakker’s website and there was no problem taking payment. However, as soon as the payment was made, the website started to fail with various SQL problems, connection errors. Almost 2 weeks later, Dave is 44 Euros out of pocket, still does not have his product, and customer support is non-existant.

We understand that no website is perfect, they they all have problems, but there is usually a customer service team ready to deal with people’s problems and provide a solution.

Barren Brain visited Thakker’s website and at the time of writing we can confirm there are multiple problems with the website loading haphazardly – on this occasion we were not able to make a purchase. Interestingly the website revealed what appears to be a fake address for the company, this is something we are trying to verify with our indian readers and Google Street View.

Should Dave happen to get his refund, we will post an update here.

We think Open Source Matters need to revamp the JED and verify that developers are able to support  the extentions that they provide and make sure that all extentions are secure, and are there to support the Joomla! community above all else.

If you have a problem with a  Joomla! developer that you think people should know about, about then drop us a line below and we will investigate.

We have emailed thakker for comment and input, but our emails have gone unanswered. Therefore, we have decided to publish this article as-is.


Update: Dave has been in touch to say that his review and warning which he posted on the JED was rejected by their moderators.

This is their astonishing reply:
“Your review for has been rejected because it contains a commercial dispute. Commercial disputes are not permitted in reviews. Although the JED does not get involved in specific disputes, please submit a Report so we can monitor trends.”

This appears to confirm our doubts about how the JED is run. If you cannot write a review and warn others when there problem, future purchasers of the extention are going to run into the same problems. This type of activity can only serve to put Open Source Matters, it website, and genuine developers in a bad light.